How it works

How OrigamAi Works

OrigamAi is a survey-based assessment tool that uses an analytics platform to provide organizations, educational institutions and individuals with a deeper understanding of wellness traits and performance metrics for personal well-being and professional success.

Data obtained can effectively provide organizations with a clear understanding of the health and happiness of their workforce, assist academic schools in taking the pulse of their students, and provide individuals with important insights into their own health and well-being.

Surveys obtain real-time data

The OrigamAi platform is based on a series of surveys to be completed by employees, students or individuals. For OrigamAi to function at its highest level and deliver the best qualitative real-time data, it is important (imperative?) that all persons involved commit to completing the surveys on an on-going basis.

Aggregated data is based on high-level overviews of team responses. Confidentiality of individual data is fiercely protected and secure. Individual results are not available to anyone except the person completing the surveys.

Step #1

Enroll in the OrigamAi program. Enroll here.

See OrigamAi in action. Video coming soon.

Step #2

Individuals are signed up to participate.

OrigamAi survey questions are developed using the Likert scale – the gold standard for psychometrics.

Step #3

Participants receive four 20-minute surveys via email over four days to complete and submit.

OrigamAi measures a number of traits, each with multiple questions attributed to it including redundant questions. The built-in redundancy ensures that no single answer will overly influence a trait positively or negatively.

Step #4

After the initial surveys are complete, participants are provided bite-sized 60-second survey on a regular basis according to a pre-determined schedule.

Have questions about OrigamAi? We’ve got answers here.

Step #5

Data based on team responses is aggregated and analyzed in real-time and at-a-glance dashboard results and recommendations are provided.

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