Dynamic assessments for happier, healthier, engaged employees, students and individuals.

People are the engine of success. Engaged employees help propel a company move forward. Mentally healthy students succeed and bolster academic environments. Individuals who are the best versions of themselves make the greatest contributions in life.

People are also moving targets. As skilled as they may be, their ability to perform and succeed will always be impacted by factors or events that happen at work, at school and in life. That’s why reading the mood in an organization or understanding what makes a specified body of people tick must be an “always-on” endeavour.


OrigamAi reshapes the assessment tool

OrigamAi is a first of its kind dynamic assessment tool powered through AI that combines psychometrics, engagement metrics and mental wellness indicators to shape a real-time snapshot of mood, aspirations and satisfaction levels. Through always-on, customized surveys, OrigamAi checks in with participants and provides valuable data insights to organizations, institutions or individuals that can be used to create roadmaps for success.