Meet a better, healthier, happier version of yourself. Understand what makes you tick.

People who really know themselves are the happiest and healthiest. They make the greatest contributions in all aspects of their lives.

Would you say that you know who you really are?

Where do your strengths lie? How do you work best? What are your stressors? How do you recover from emotional situations? How do others perceive you?

The answers may surprise you – but they will also help you become the person you’re meant to be.

There is power in self-awareness and clarity.

Maybe you are blissfully content in the knowledge that you’re good at what you do. Or maybe you have goals and aspirations that you can’t seem to reach. Your ability to be your best will always be impacted by external factors or events.

OrigamAi takes a holistic approach to help you understand your strengths, your blind spots, how you work best and how you interact with others. Our assessments will deepen your self-awareness and provide insights into how your behavioural traits impact your relationships. OrigamAi will reveal how external factors influence your performance or hinder your progress.

This newfound clarity can help you see their true self, and give you the power to become an energized, active participant in your personal and professional life.

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Support your health and wellness

People are whole entities with numerous complexities. OrigamAi looks at individuals as a whole being. The cross-functional psychometric assessment includes health and wellness data to help you understand your current outlook and areas in which you should focus.

Advance your professional career

If you’re looking for career advancement, thinking of starting a new business, or you want to get a picture of your professional persona and how you engage with others, OrigamAi can help.

The OrigamAi platform can understand what your needs are in a workplace environment, identify your interpersonal dynamics, assess your emotional intelligence level, and flag issues that may derail you or prevent you from performing at your highest level.

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See how others perceive you

Get 360-degree feedback by inviting both personal and professional peers to answers a few questions that will provide a lens into how others see you. This valuable input is aggregated with your own survey scores and entered into your dashboards to deepen your self-awareness. Results are anonymous.


How it works

  1. You complete four different surveys at your own pace.
  2. As you complete your surveys, the aggregated data is entered into your Personal and Professional dashboards.
  3. The dashboards are populated with information on your various traits, such as emotional intelligence and professional skills, and how they support your professional and personal relationships.
  4. Your dashboard data never expires.

How 360 Feedback works

  1. You simply input your contacts’ email addresses into OrigamAi.
  2. An email is automatically generated in your email client that you can send to your contacts
  3. Contacts receive a one-time use survey to complete. Results are linked to your account only.
  4. Survey results are aggregated and added to your dashboards. All survey results are kept anonymous.

How we treat your data

Your data is yours alone. It is never shared with any third party.

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